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    It is easy to see why and how people develop injuries with our modern society forcing us to sit down behind computers and our lack of activity. However what is hard for me to understand is why so many of today's health and fitness professionals have such a poor understanding of how the body creates movement when it comes to rehabilitation, and focus too much on where the pain is, as opposed to how did it all start. As you are well injuries can create an enormous strain on your lifestyle and dramatically impact everything you do. So having a program that works is essential.

     Most programs are designed around improving muscles, instead of movement and using a one size fits all method. The secret as I show you in this free ebook is in fact, finding the right exercises, the right way...for you.  We are all unique and have different strengths and weaknesses.  One of the most common problems I see is people doing the wrong type of conditioning - and that is a recipe for disaster with any type of injury.

     Carefully read through this book and take some time to implement some of the methods I describe.  It's clearly outlined in the Special Report you can download immediately, without cost or obligation. It's my gift to you. 

     If you have any questions, or would like help with your injury feel free to email or call at 0408 525 564.

In This Free Report You Will Learn
  • The 4 Step Formula for designing rehab programs
  • Why movement is so important & what the 7 key patterns are
  • Key Exercises For A Strong Core that do not involve abdominal exercises!
  • Sports progression essentials
  • The best core exercise you can do!
  • All this and more!
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